An artifact perspective

Randy at open artifact posts an interesting perspective on the ‘pro’ article I mentioned yesterday. He sympathises especially with the statement: “‚Ķstudents who are not actively participating in the learning community are not assisting other students.” And reflects on his own efforts to facilitate participation, especially in relation to the structure of his courses, the …

Teaching online – two very different ways of looking at it

Feel compelled today to share a couple of articles around, both of which have been doing the rounds but which I think offer an interesting perspective on online teaching when viewed side by side. The first is Kaye Shelton & George Saltsman’s “Tips and Tricks for Teaching Online: How to Teach Like a Pro!” and …

Creative commons license for incsub users?

Matt Barton at Kairos suggested that I put in the terms and conditions for incsub that people must have a Creative Commons license. I thought about this when I was setting it up and even included it in the first draft, but, thinking about it, it seemed a bit full on. Obviously the software will …

Melbourne Blogging Workshop

Adrian Miles of vogging fame is running a workshop on educational blogging in Melbourne. He’s put together a beautifully clear outline (.pdf) for the day which will certainly inform my ASCILITE workshop in December.


Stumbled across this browsing for quotes about wikis: “Wikiquote, a free online compendium of quotations in every language, including sources (where known), translations of non-English quotes, and links to Wikipedia ( for further information.” Here’s some Wilde for ya.