Creative commons license for incsub users?

Matt Barton at Kairos suggested that I put in the terms and conditions for incsub that people must have a Creative Commons license.

I thought about this when I was setting it up and even included it in the first draft, but, thinking about it, it seemed a bit full on. Obviously the software will be GNU or CC or whatever but as for individual teachers, learners, educators etc. it seems a bit rich to insist they CC their work as a term of use.

Any thoughts on this?

2 replies on “Creative commons license for incsub users?”

  1. I wouldn’t require it. They are not creating derivative software, so it’s not a case like GPL. They are creating original work. They should be able to decide for themselves what the terms and conditions of use are.

    That said, people may start asking you how they can secure their work, how they can encrypt it, how they can enforce compliance to their terms. You need to decide how far you want to go down that road, if at all.

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