Eeek – wikispam

Phew, via Alan it looks like Teaching Wiki has been deluged with spam… a solution needed quickly I think, howabout character recognition (i.e. type the characters as you see them in the image)?

Negative Attention

Another brilliantly lucid Shirky offering: Group as User: Flaming and the Design of Social Software If you like this article I’d highly recommend Derek Powazek’s Design For Community which details, equally lucidly, much of the thinking and practical development around online communities. It’s a shame that someone has taken down the excerpts of chapters on …

The Winner Takes It All

How odd, I’ve never won anything (well, apart from some pointless literature thing when I finished 6th form… literature… me ;o) and then, for 5 minutes at the keyboard I end up with a free book and global fame, ahem, guess which line I penned, betyacan’t!

Update & Objections

Josie over at EdTechUk mentioned something the other day about this whole promoting / supporting / commentary that got me thinking: “Perhaps we can use this current moment of galvanisation to begin to come up with a coherent community response to the spectre of administrative misunderstanding and censorship.” Well, a ‘whole community’ response might be …


WikiNews sounds great, what an amazing idea and what a community going to set it up. Just one question… what’s the difference between this and, say, the blogosphere where you have people writing news on a daily basis, it getting aggregated, sifted, commented on… Is it a matter of mainstream accessibility? I think that the …