Am just going to try to upgrade to 1.2.1… hopefully this won’t be too horrible…. apologies for any reprinted RSS feeds or alike.


Haven’t looked at it in any great detail but I wonder if Reger might be an alternative starting point to Blogger. The thing I worry most about is setting people up using services that then fold & disappear (something I guess Blogger is less likely to do).

Student Blogging

The Dowbrigade on using blogs in teaching, a nice read away from jargon, arguments, theories, bullet points and all the crap I generally come out with :O)

Workshops wiki’d by tha ‘dog

Great list of workshop resources / stuff by Alan, posted here because I want to remember this and downright copy what he’s doing, with attribution of course :O) Too many interesting links am drowning in stuff I want to do.

Ridiculously listy!

Phew, via Stephen, this a a big list of online learning links, anyone wanna put aside a week or two… another great webheads project if the url serves me right!

D’Arcy Podcasting

Have been making notes on D’Arcy’s experiences with podcasting as he experiments with podcasting using WordPress – looking good :o) He’s posted a good run off of some possible uses of it in education too, I’m looking forward to getting really stuck into this with the ‘fireside chats’ an exceptionally interesting academic I’m working with …