e-Literate new design

e-Literate has had a lurvely makeover (especially in the dates), ‘owever the reason I write this here is that the comments are too fort knoxy for words… I can’t figure out how to register in order to comment that you shouldn’t have to register to make comments… especially when there’s word recognition in the way already.

So hopefully trackback should work on this….

p.s. am I being unreasonable when I say it’s an enormous pain to have to register to post a comment and that there are plenty of other decent spam protection methods which don’t require that?

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  1. Hi James,

    I honestly don’t know if you’re being unreasonable or not. I’m far from a security expert, so I don’t really know what does and does not work in terms of discouraging comment spam. My strategy so far has been to shut everything down and then drop the barriers one at a time until I get to the most permissive strategy that still blocks spam. For a while, I didn’t even allow comments. But since I’ve had them turned on for a while and have gotten zero spam so far, I’m willing to try turning off the registration requirements.

    Just ‘cuz I like ya.

    I’ll get around to it within the next 48 hours and will post an announcement when the gates are unlocked (though I prefer to think of it as closer to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory rather than Fort Knox).

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