Thought I’d go into the whole incsub project in a bit more detail as the revised version of the site is now up.

Please have a look around, it’s my, um, third ever effort at putting up a website so feedback would be VERY much appreciated :o)

Basically this has come into being from a frustration with not being able to experiment with or use some of the technologies and approaches that I think can revolutionise online learning… and the experiences I have everyday of talking to teachers who feel the same way.

So, by providing free-for-teachers hosting, installation, support and consultation for weblogs, wikis, CMSs and more, I figure I get to learn an enormous amount (which will certainly help me in my career), help some frustrated teachers out and show the light to others who would have a lot of trouble technically getting there. Well worth a few bucks a month I think.

If you would like to help start this thing off then the best thing you could do would be to suggest incsub to your colleagues or write about it on your blogs. Thanks for your time, here ends this public broadcast :D

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  2. I quite like the idea of a forum rather than an email list because i think a forum is more open and if you are following – poking about on one particular topic line you can do so – its a personal quirk on my behalf as I don’t mind trawling about on forums but hate email archives – a forum as a space is not as closed shop and feels more accessible to me – once again personal bias – but technology and all its manifestations can feel alien to many -that said either option I would join in on –

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  4. The site is nice – but I went to it without knowing the purpose of the site, read every page, and left it still not knowing. At some point you need to state clearly and unambiguously what the site is and what it does, why it exists.

  5. Thanks to everyone for the links & comments. Am thinking about it quite a bit at the mo and I reckon I need:

    -A clearer description of what is about on the front page
    -Detail on the possible applications used for each section and, if possible, examples of this use (not to mention sandpits!)
    -An ’email newsletter’ box

    If anyone’s still reading this thread do you agree? If you were a teacher / administrator coming to the site what would you want?

    Thanks again,


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  7. I just read about blogs in my Business Education Forum. I thought of more than one place, in my life, a blog would be greatly benefitial. I am hoping to get a position with a local college teaching business and think a blog would be of great benefit for the class. Any direction would be appreciated. The students I would be teaching would have little if no experience with computers.

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