NOT the WebCT & Blackboard blog…

Well, having left the searches for a few days there’s a lot of stuff come through, but first up this blog-topic now has a sub-category should you wish to view it separately from incorporated subversion as a whole, here it is. Also, having subscribed to Bloglines, Feedster and Pubsub feeds for “WebCT” and “Blackboard” my […]

NOT the WebCT & Blackboard blog… Where have all the bloggers gone?

Too hot & windy today so catching up on online-ness, specifically I was wondering whether there are, in fact, any bloggers out there representing Online Learning Environments? One that springs to mind immediately is Mark Roseman of the excellent Courseforum (incidentally if you’ve only just figured out that LMSs, CMSs, VLEs etc. need wiki functionality […]

Not the Blackboard or WebCT Blog…

Ah, another day, another raft of Blackboard & WebCT info that the companies themselves don’t seem to want to share with us :o) On the plagiarism front, looks like Safeassignment is not just a blip either, here’s an interesting post from an “Email automatically forwarded from my Blackboard listserv subscriptions” blog Blackboard Postings which describes […]

NOT the WebCT & Blackboard blog Day 2: Safeassignment, Users Becomimng Communities & ‘one-solution’ VLEs

It’s not all bad in the world our two favourite LMS/OLE/CMS/VLE etc. etc. providers, the Plagiarism Resource Site posting some good news about SafeAssignment working well in Blackboard (so there is an alternative to Turn it in!) and from Blackboard in Practice a romantic story about how “two different Blackboard users, hundreds of miles from […]