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Well, having left the searches for a few days there’s a lot of stuff come through, but first up this blog-topic now has a sub-category should you wish to view it separately from incorporated subversion as a whole, here it is.

Also, having subscribed to Bloglines, Feedster and Pubsub feeds for “WebCT” and “Blackboard” my aggregator has been chocka so I’ve decided to let go of one. Over the last few days the results have looked like this:

Bloglines: webct 58 blackboard 188
Feedster: webct 38 blackboard 77
Pubsub: webct 12 blackboard 108

So it’s fairly apparent that there are a host of different possible results out there! In the end I’m making a non-scientific call based on content rather than numbers / coverage and dropping Feedster, it seems lie there’s just too much ‘personal diary’ stuff coming through there and while Bloglines picks up a lot of repetition and I’m not sure about the comprehensiveness of pubsub just yet their results have yielded more interesting stuff for me.

Anyway, on to business :o)

-A post from back in December turned up on Bloglines where Matt Judd describes his thinking regarding the Moodle or WebCT debate, what makes this article particularly interesting is it’s link with a previous article written by Judd, Considering the Alternative which starts off:

“This short article summarizes the limitations and drawbacks to using a closed and proprietary content management system like WebCT in conjunction with third-party e-learning tools. Alternative software solutions, as well as the positive social impact of those choices, are considered.”

His weblog is also called “How do you compile?” – not sure if this is linked in to earlier posts but I like it!

-Does anyone want to go to the 4th Annual WebCT European Users conference, it’s in a fantastic location (of course), is offering sessions in Spanish (as they should in bloody Barcelona) and has a heap of uninspiring themes… wonder what interesting papers and ground braking ideas will come out of this one!

-Here’s a hot job, Jnr project manager at WebCT, not a bad package for the specs.

I disagree David, I think the technology does play a big role!

-Rick West reflects on his experiences in end of term Blackboard land:

“I then tried to email everybody, but all of your emails have been purged from my Blackboard course (which is weird – that’s never happened before. BTW, that’s one reason we did blogs this semester instead of Blackboard discussions, because at the end of the semester, all of the knowledge we’ve accumulated in a Bb discussion is lost and locked away).”

Why Moodle

-It’s not all bad though, “Cool WebCT” is something I haven’t heard for a while but here it is!

-Here’s a find: Blackboard Blues “One man’s struggles with the Blackboard Learning Management System”

-And the BlackboardBlog (mostly in Dutch)

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