This is pretty cool, post it notes on the web, with feeds! Have a looksee at mine, hmmmm possibilities.

PowerPoint broadcasts… actually seem to work

Am playing around with non-synchronous audio visual presentation tools at the moment. To my great surprise the PowerPoint (2002) broadcast tool isn’t that bad (IE only, ahem) & I like the way you can easily do a webcam with it. In an ideal world I’d be able to use Breeze for PowerPoints but ho hum… …


What more can I say, it’s from Technology Source (which should probably consider sorting out it’s archives) Man, James L. Morrison, has an RSS feed and has taken a departure from the flashy graphics to a world of blog (in may ways!). It’s the innovate journal of online education and I like it :o)

The WHAT of Blogging

Good post at Blogsperiment entitled ‘The WHAT of Blogging’. Looks whether blogs need a clear purpose, especially in course blogging… which is a pretty important question if you ask me. Includes a very good overview of several teachers thoughts and findings when it comes to the practicalities of getting your learners blogging. Blogsperiment is a …