Goodbye Radio

So, goodbye beloved Radio so simple and effective a launching pad into this blogging world and yet so disturbing and aggravating a long term partner.

I will most certainly miss your cosy text editor, your simplest of category postings and your solid desktop feeling. However, I don’t mean to be harsh, but your horrible habit of not posting and giving me TCP (??) errors, the immense amount of time your comment system took to load, the sheer lack of functionality which accompanied the sheer brilliance of your aggregator and the fact that if my laptop went, then so did you… it all did for you in the end.

Granted I probably couldn’t or wouldn’t have even got started without you but there comes a time when a child must declare himself independent of his cumbersome guardians ;o) So onto WordPress I go, I wonder how we will fare my sweet?

One reply on “Goodbye Radio”

  1. James, trust me – give it a week and you will not miss Radio at all – even the features you thought you liked. Just surprised it took you as long as it did to dump it! You must be a patient man. Good luck with the new platform/URL/look etc, cheers, Scott

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