PowerPoint broadcasts… actually seem to work

Am playing around with non-synchronous audio visual presentation tools at the moment. To my great surprise the PowerPoint (2002) broadcast tool isn’t that bad (IE only, ahem) & I like the way you can easily do a webcam with it. In an ideal world I’d be able to use Breeze for PowerPoints but ho hum…

I’m after this as I’m creating a presentation to be given by a colleague in her absence, naturally these have got huge potential for online lectures too though!

I’ve kind of figured out that live broadcasting isn’t really going to happen for me at the moment without considerable technical sophistication / paying someone a fair bit and podcasting is all well and good but what I really need is an easy way for lecturers to, well, lecture (visual clues and all) online so people can retrieve them later, and loathe that I am to say it PP seems to have a strong case… or is there anything else?

Oh OK, if you’ve got IE then here’s a pretty terrible demo [link removed for anonymity purposes] of me trying it out this morning, don’t laugh, please :o)

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