‘Blog It’ Buttons

This is probably just me but the thing I’ve probably dragged to my taskbar the most times to have then never used is the ‘blog it’ button, as demonstrated in one of it’s many forms by Charlie at Cyberdash. Perhaps it’s because all of my links seem to come through RSS (when I have my […]

.mp3 here

Thanks to Mira who suggested CDex for ripping the .mp3 from the Audacity .wav :o) So here’s a test .mp3 file, me testing podcasting and talking about a possible use [link removed for anonymity purposes]. And just for luck I’ll try and see if we get some auto enclosure tags too: Might have worked… still […]


Am trying to podcast, desperately trying! I get the principle: you record .mp3 file, blog it and then other people can aggregate it. But… …Audacity has, for some unknown-to-me reason stopped being able to export .mp3s. I’ve tried everything but it just ‘aint a go :o( [does anyone know any other decent open source .mp3 […]

Robodemo Stuff

[I would’ve posted this as a comment to Michael’s piece if the comment login procedures didn’t make me groan so ;o)] Interesting view on Robodemo over at e-Literate, apparently it’s absolutely pants when it comes to interactivity which doesn’t surprise me as when we’ve tried to do ‘fancy’ things such as mouse movements, scrolling, full […]

Student Views on CMSs

Interesting articles (lost the referrer, sorry) today, A Student View of CMS by Ryan Tansey. As it happens yesterday I was on the ground participating in a research study regarding our CMS. I interviewed 30 students (90% undergrad and all on campus) and the overwhelming response I got was not dissimilar to the views expressed […]

mBlog Nightmare

From Anol at Soulsoup (which is now a 404!): “mBlog, the free MT based blog hosting service where my SoulSoup was hosted discontinued their service without any notice! I don’t have any backup of my last 8 months of blogposts (more than 450 posts). There is no way I can contact them – I mailed […]


This is pretty cool, post it notes on the web, with feeds! Have a looksee at mine, hmmmm possibilities.

Innovate Articles

Thought I’d just do a quick run through of some of the innovate (title graphic small ‘i’, text big ‘I’ – I know about those problems ;o) articles I found of interest, now much as I was singing it’s praises yesterday having a good look at it (past the registration which Stephen rightly gets annoyed […]

Goodbye Radio

So, goodbye beloved Radio so simple and effective a launching pad into this blogging world and yet so disturbing and aggravating a long term partner. I will most certainly miss your cosy text editor, your simplest of category postings and your solid desktop feeling. However, I don’t mean to be harsh, but your horrible habit […]


What more can I say, it’s from Technology Source (which should probably consider sorting out it’s archives) Man, James L. Morrison, has an RSS feed and has taken a departure from the flashy graphics to a world of blog (in may ways!). It’s the innovate journal of online education and I like it :o)

The WHAT of Blogging

Good post at Blogsperiment entitled ‘The WHAT of Blogging’. Looks whether blogs need a clear purpose, especially in course blogging… which is a pretty important question if you ask me. Includes a very good overview of several teachers thoughts and findings when it comes to the practicalities of getting your learners blogging. Blogsperiment is a […]

Furl top 30

Hey, check it out! The papers made the Furl top 30… now imagine if I’d just released that in the conference proceedings… what kind of audience might I have had, 20… 25? Happy :O)

Communication dynamics: Discussion boards, weblogs and the development of communities of inquiry in online learning environments

Online learning environments (OLEs) are now critical to teaching and learning across Australian higher education. Their influence impacts on the availability of content, the design of courses and, perhaps most pedagogically significantly, the nature of communication. The discussion board is the ubiquitous communication tool within these OLEs and hence significantly shapes the kind of communication […]