Blog Hui 2006 – Be there!!!

Well, what with Blogtalk Reloaded being announced for Vienna in October 2006 it’s a pretty exciting time (again!) in the world of Blogging Conferences because Blog Hui: New Zealand’s First International Blogging Conference has also just been launched by the ever resourceful and ridiculously energetic Lynsey Gedye.

It looks like it’s going to be absolutely excellent with international speakers including Torill Mortensen, Trevor Romain and the one and only Mark Bernstein!

I’ll definitely be trying to get to this as well… now there’s a drawcard ;)

Here’s the call for papers (or posters!)
, in summary:

• Case studies of local experiences in implementing blogging technologies
• Blogitics – blogging as a political tool – activism online
• Blogging the arts: Web 2.0 independent music publishing, photographers, and artists
• Personal blogs and portals
• Blogging with a conscience – blogging to make a difference
• Portfolio blogging – promoting, presenting, and protecting your creativity
• Developing blog-based teaching materials, resources and techniques
• Fear and loathing in the long tail – managing your public life online
• Blog writing style
• Collaborative blogging
• Making money with your blog
• Desk top blogging – fine publishing from home
• Building your community and traffic, connecting with your tribe in the blogosphere
• Blogging on the intranet – blogging in the office
• Traditional PR, marketing and the “blogosphere”
• Theoretical and conceptual reviews, technical reviews
• Social networking tools, blogging tools, aggregation and technology: RSS, XML, podcasting and video blogging

Please, if you can, spread the word on this one… it’s kinda the natural successor to Blogtalk Downunder and is as good an excuse as any I reckon for a trip to beautiful NZ and Wellington!