Trying computers in classrooms hit their limit in the 80’s all that has changed is the technology…

Spent this morning having an excellent conversation with Anne & Chris around the state of education and technology for Adrian’s upcoming issue of Fibreculture. Will post it here if Adrian’ll give me permission :)

Along those lines, from CJ’s:

“There is now a huge industry of writing about, puzzling about and in general making noise about using computing and related technologies in the noble pursuit of supporting teaching, and by extension, the thing that goes on in peoples’ heads that we call learning. The L word, one of my top ten “catch-all verging on meaningless” terms of all time. What is so interesting is that folk continue to write about this stuff as if it is something new, different, wonderful. News Flash. This has been going on since the late 70’s and before then if you want to include some of the pre-microcomputer stuff. And, most importantly, there has been precious new to say about it….”

This is something I’d *definitely* agree with in K-12 contexts… not sure about HE though.