Wow, via Edblogger Praxis comes a VERY VERY VERY interesting project, Weblogs@UPEI.

Now what is making me jump up and down about this is that they are using Drupal to provide a system similar to the one set up by Dave Winer at Harvard.

Now I think Manilia is visionary and I wouldn’t be here without Radio but at the same time I find some of the interfaces very clunky and, more importantly, just don’t have the cash… so if I could do this with Drupal… wow… I’ve asked if they could share it with us and have subscribed to the Beat Blog (here’s the unadvertised feed)

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  1. Yep, we at GoodBasic helped Mark and the BEAT team get Drupal up and going. We haven’t really announced it yet either on our personal or GB blog, so as not to steal their thunder ;)

    We’ll have more exciting info about edublogging in 2005.

  2. I’m a student at UPEI and i was introduced to weblogs@upei through one of my classes instructed by Mark Hemphill. I feel it is a great resource for conversation with people that have similar interests, or just for anyone looking for a place to voice their opinion. I am by no means a genius when it comes to computers, but this system is very easy to use, and allows an area for people to come together for any reason they wish. Whether it be for group discussions, or just to show something funny or interesting they heard, it is the kind of program that will bring people together and change relations between individuals, maybe even the way business can be conducted in the future.

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