Impressions of presentations & paths

I’m currently sitting in an all day session listening to online fellows (academics who have been given a one year – 1 day a week plus $$$s to explore teaching and learning online) and this morning is spent listening so I thought I’d record some thoughts here. This afternoon I’m facilitating / adding a bit to presentations, gulp, am especially looking forward to sharing our podcasting plans with an audience that includes, in the front row as I type, the memo sender! Tum te tum.

It’s interesting that when designers /developers try to guide people like heck through material they go and find there own way. This reminds me of a story someone told me about the path system at a Uni nearby, apparently when the new campus was built they didn’t put down any paths, just grass, and then a year later they looked at the worn out trails and said, ‘let’s put paths there’ … nice :o)