Here’s a fun project undertaken by Andrew and myself under good banner Incsub….. The plan is to create a WordPress MU information blog – where you can catch up on the latest plugins, themes, SEO stuff, ‘how to”s and more. A bit like a for WordPress MU. Here’s some more info about the […]

SharpReader rocks for support & response

Just take a feed from Summize or your foums of choice – grab SharpReader and set it to check the feed every minute – and you’ll be replying to forums queries and fixing up issues that have been tweeted about or posted on your forums in minutes rather than hours… and never have to hit […]

Keyboard woes

At the risk of turning this into JF’s tech issues blog I’m utterly stuck on this one and, in desperation, hand myself over to you – dear reader – for assistance for I is seriously stuck with the oddest keyboard issue you ever did come across. Basically *something* has gotten into my keyboard operation that […]

Gmail errors today

Anyone else experiencing horrific gmail errors today – 502s, 100s, 728s and more… all day. Makes me realise how much I rely on it! Possibly a touch *too* much (although surely their imperative to fix it up and keep it qworking great is greater than my imperative to go and try to recreate a gmail […]

Google Calendar in gmail… or even notifier?

My one grumble with Firefox 3 is that I’ve lost my GCAL notifier that used to sit so sweetly next to my gmail one. So I was kinda excited upon finding a few neat greasemonkey hacks to get round that… all of which were out of date, however, with the exception of Gmail Add Ons. […]

WPMU Plugin Prize

Incsub has sponsored a prize ($250) at Weblog Tools Collection for the best WPMU plugin. We’re hoping it’ll not only inspire some fun plugins but also increase awareness of the possibilities of MU plugins… So go submit your best and boldest. And you’re welcome to upload them to – but there’s no obligation :)


I’m an absolute loser, I can hardly get through a single email without writing ‘the’ as ‘teh’. I reckon if you add it up, over a month or so I probably spend hours correcting myself after the fact. So… I did a bit of searching and came up with this brilliant application called Texter. It […]


Congratulations to Stephen on the release of gRSShopper (ace name BTW :) “a personal web environment that combines resource aggregation, a personal dataspace, and personal publishing. “ Here’s a demo and here’s the project page. Great shame that the .com is a domain squatting page :(

To mac or not to mac?

Have been toying with getting a MacBook Pro to replace an increasingly clunky Vaio. But being a M$ user since, well, forever… I’ve gotta weigh up a heap of stuff. First up, as this is basically my business and livelihood (in a very literal sense) what will the cost to me in figuring everything out […]


The biggest release of WPMU since 1.0 is upon us, let there be merriment and many painless upgrades.

100 WordPress themes – that you don’t need to edit!

I released a new WordPress / WPMU theme pack yesterday with 100 themes, lots of them new and some old favorites (like Mandigo) reworked to allow for custom uploaded headers. What’s really really cool about these themes though is that because they’re all set up to work on Edublogs, they require absolutely no code editing […]

Edublogs gets prettified!

Go check out our new makeover at Edublogs. You can let us know what you think of it here. I’m pretty happy we’ve been able to finally get it out, it’s been a while! But if you really can’t be bothered to click above, then here’s a grab of it: Although I reckon it looks […]

Problogger the book!

If you’re looking for one book on making money by blogging, this is – seriously – the real deal. Darren’s the pro-est of the pros so pre-order now!

Terraminds and tweetscan down?

Well, this is a pain in the butt… Terraminds and Tweetscan searches for Edublogs (on Twitter of course) are both down :/ Any suggestions for a more reliable way to get (very) regularly updated search RSS feeds from Twitter?

I absolutely love this

I’ve gotta say, first looks at the new admin design made me freak out a bit but in actual use WordPress 2.5 is so very very nice it makes me smile. It’s like the iTouch of blogging aps, so full of beautiful detail that I’m, yet again, counting my blessings that I’ve build my entire […]


Oh, do come on, I thought I’d really reached the pinnacle of contrition on occasions over the last few years but this is just too funny :) “We have learnt many valuable lessons during this process and would like to apologise for the way the transition period was handled.” You’re not wrong – come on […]

Not content with just creating new users?

Well, we’ve just added another feature to Edublogs that allows you to add up to 15 users at one time to your blog (and you can give them each a different roles too). Neato huh :) If you’re an Edublogs user go to Users > Add Users to have a play!

Funny names :)

How many of the following UK startups (as listed by TC) would you say have pretty silly names? • Groupspaces – Can forgive this one, just • Tioti – Surely there must be better 5 letter .coms around • Exabre – Erm • Coull – Sounds painful • Zogix – Yay, a Z • Byteplay […]

Um, ‘upgrade’ to MT :D

Heh, I worked with MT for a whole year at and basically the only thing they have going for themselves is static html… which of course Super Cache does for WP very nicely (so I really wishthey’d shut up about that bit – it makes our clients nervous and means we have t say […]