The University of Blogs (or was it WPMU)

Phew, this has been quite a project, but finally (we should probably have had this in place a year ago) we have a fully functional sandpit in which you can experience the wonders that is Edublogs Campus (and also the wonder that is a fully functional WPMU installation), and it’s called: The Univesity of Blogs

The new is up and running

A few months back, Cristoph Merrill purchased Blogsavvy off me… and now, one hefty redesign later, it’s up and running and all shiny and new. Best of luck with the site Christoph :) It’s great to see new life back in the old girl.

Newsletter spam

If you don’t allow people to simply unsubscribe from opt-out newsletters without having to log in, then that’s spam. I’m looking at you Yelp and spreadshirt! Don’t be surprised when you start getting filtered by gmail etc. Grrrr :( Update: Spreadshirt are currently fixing their newsletter system up so they’re cool… plus an email from […]

SEOmoz Pro

I just signed up for a 6 month SEOMoz Pro license basically because they rock the house. I’ve been reading the blog for, probably, 4 months or so now and when you;re giving this kinda stuff away for free, what you get when you pay has got to be unreal :) Anyway, am looking forward […]

WPMU Plugin Contest

We’ve started a WPMU plugin competition over at There’s already $750 worth of prizes available and we’re looking for more peopel to donate $ and good stuff for prizes (contact here to add to the prize pool and get yourself bigged up!) As well as people to submit plugins :)