Order your BuddyPress themes and plugins now

We’ve got a little experiment going over at WPMU.org – if you’re keen on BuddyPress but want that certain extra BuddyPress theme or plugin, just write about it (in any format) and link to the post and we’ll seriously consider it for future free & premium releases!

If it works out we’ll do the same for some other WPMU stuff so spread the word!

5 replies on “Order your BuddyPress themes and plugins now”

  1. Facebook style member theme or more drag & drop member themes, also
    Chat-online & video plugin

  2. 1. facebook style theme
    2. integrated chat (not Toksta)
    3. user profile pictures and videos
    4. easier layout changes, drag and drop?
    5. easier site optimization and performance boosts
    6. Paid membership integration
    7. WP-Ecommerce integration
    8. All in One Video integration
    9. Application widget integration like on facebook including application sharing
    10. Friendship level and privacy, so only friends can see your profile
    11. Status/mood indication or micro blogging with comments
    12. Poke or nudge?
    13. image upload auto resize to fit system size requirements
    14. more of the plugins from bbpress coming through to buddypress such as bb-video, karma, smiles, images…
    15. WP Mu Premium db split/optimize compatible with buddypress

  3. From Mark’s comment:
    6. Paid membership integration
    13. image upload auto resize to fit system size requirements

    Group moderation via bp without getting into forums

  4. Thanks for doing this:

    The member profile needs:
    -more streamlined navigation
    -separate area for photo and status updates (on the left side, preferably
    -widgets to pull from main site blog, forums, groups, or members listings
    -post-it area so that site admins can have posts show up on everyone’s profile

  5. really, all I would like is a Cutline 3 column, right aligned, extension for Buddypress. Nice, clean, simple and elegant.

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