Something new for your RSS reader

A while back I figured it was really about time that I started thinking about and understanding SEO – and, like most people, I went into it with my spurs and 10 gallon-er firmly in place expecting to find mucho dodgyness. However, I’ve been proved very, very wrong.

Sure there are black hat, algorithm obsessives but at the end of the day the more I read what these people are saying, the more I reckon that the people who have made businesses out of manipulating how we find stuff have the best perspectives about how we work and where the net is heading.

Reading John Andrews and Aaron Wall for example, is as good as reading Clay Shirky was back in the day.

SEOMoz is my all time favourite paid service and Rands videos and the rest are nothing short of illuminating.

OK, it’s most likely a reflection of my shifting interests – but I reckon I spend more time reading and give more attention to posts from those three sites than pretty much anything else in my reader, and I figured you might like them too :)