Unfortunately this is necessary, after I’ve received some professional (and possibly legal) advice there may be some more on this.

“Please note that all of the material in this weblog or any services or support that I may provide through this weblog or incsub.org are entirely separate from my employer. This is all done through me, at my expense, separated entirely from my 9-5 life and in no way representative of anyone else’s views apart from my own.”

2 replies on “Disclaimer”

  1. You know, I’ve been reading your blog for some time now, and I NEVER assumed that you were speaking for your employer. Why would anyone else (except perhaps a lawyer) assume as much?

    Thanks for giving me one more reason to be thankful that I’m a “free” agent.

  2. I blog outside of work, but about things that often relate to what I’m doing in my day job. That is where my knowledge lies after all!

    Similarly, my opinions are my own, not those of my employer. So as a cautionary measure do you mind if I use the same disclaimer?

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