Introducing Edublogs Campus

(small drumroll)

Ladies and gents, we give you Edublogs Campus.

It’s the next generation of ‘Edublogs Premium’ (which always was a bit of a silly name) and is much more than a bit of rebranding.

Now with every installation you can batch create users and blogs, manage plugins and privacy to the nth degree and even monitor every post and comment on your site for ‘bad’ (or good!) words.

And of course it’s got everything that you find in the regular Edublogs, except in a box, all for you, with a bow on :)

Heck, in case you weren’t sure why you needed it, well, we’ve even put together a list of 10 straightforward ways you can use Campus in your school, uni or organization.

And what’s more, it’s pretty competitive too… our ‘Unlimited’ license comes in at less than a decent managed server for a year, which is what you’d have to buy before you even considered the software.

So, get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do for you, mention this post and we might even be able to cut you a deal!