Sharing offices / workspaces in Melbourne

So…. am thinking in 2008 that I should mix things up a bit, and get to work in some more social environments… in other words move out of the shed for a few days a week and see if I can find a decent office sharing space in or around the North / North East of Melbourne.

So far the most promising possibility I can find so far is The OpenHub… although am somewhat peterbed by their lack of any, um, address and also some pretty stringent bandwidth limits… although it looks like a nice central place. However, while it’d be nice to be in the city I wouldn’t mind somewhere I can easily drive and park at… so maybe Fitzroy, Collingwood or Northcote?

Have been having a look at a gumtree search too but nothing really stands out.

Anyone know anywhere good as a shared working space I could take a look at? Recommendations would be great!

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  1. come work at my place for a day a week for must $250 a day and unlimited bandwidth :-)

    Actually – you’re welcome to come work here for a day if you ever want a break from the shed.

  2. Heh, thanks for the offer… What I’ll do though is steal your WEP key and sit outside in the car ;)

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