Which site to use for your education blog?

Ace article by Sue Waters over at Mobile Technology in TAFE.

If you have been struggling to decide which site you should use to host your blog I recommend you check out Edublogs. Edublogs has always been good, but since it turned 2 years old it became great!


Seriously though Sue gives a great run through of some of the stuff we’ve been doing of late, especially the edublogs universe (which has been growing quite a bit since last week, take a look at the bottom of the frontpage).


Go read the whole thing.

3 replies on “Which site to use for your education blog?”

  1. Hi James,
    Not sure if you want this but you have been memed by me for the 8 random facts meme, see my blog :)
    Cheers, John
    PS Sue is a real gem, I managed to meet up with her in Perth recently, great conversation.

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