The irony is not lost on me

Delighted as I am at having ‘most popular blogs of the hour’ on the the front page of edublogs, imagine my extreme consternation when this little beauty appeared at number 1 :)


Oh, and in related news… guess what just arrived in the post… today has not been without it’s entertaining moments ;)


Apologies for the smilie overload… I – just – can’t – help -it.

7 replies on “The irony is not lost on me”

  1. Is it Blackboard, or the University that’s an issue? Be very careful:

    1. There are a lot of Christian edubloggers out there, many “famous” some using edublogs;

    2. Baptist come in about 31 flavors although looking at this: they are following Southern Baptist doctrine “faithfully” Check out that quote in family on the place of women.

    I note the rankings have changed now. Probably due to start of the new school semester and everyone logging into figure out Blackboard. This should only happen a couple days a year, like Halloween and Christmas!

    Who attends a congregation that has been heretical since the Nicean Creed was introduced

  2. Hey Alice, You should roll through my archive sometime and you’d realise it’s entirely, 100%, BB :)

  3. You’ll start a fight over software, but not religion. Is THAT what technology has wrought? Hmm…

  4. I just don’t get ICANCHEEZBURGER speak? I thought you were trying to speak “Ebonics” the first I saw it.

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