Top education blogs

Scott’s completed his top education blogs research…. and here it is.

It’s an interesting read, and of course there are many ways to skin a cat, my only complaint is that this noble tome (technorati details here) didn’t make it in, ranking at 2575 would put this ol’ blog at 4th.

Update: Well, OK, we’re on there but only at 73rd… problem is that a lot of people just link to rather than ( now sends you straight to IS)

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  1. James,

    While I don’t get nearly as much traffic as you, I also have split Technorati figures, due to the fact that I redirect a domain to my Typepad blog. Just goes to show you how tricky all this authority ranking and statistics generation stuff really is – you never really know how many folks are reading/linking, which is both liberating and frustrating, methinks.

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