CALL Symposium 18th August @ Monash

Am very much looking forward to returning to my roots somewhat on the 18th August at Monash, Melbourne for “The First CALL” Symposium, where I’ll be keynoting.

That’s Computer Assisted Language Learning… btw.

It’s shaping up as a rather excellent Saturday afternoon and if you can make it along, it’d be great to see you there!

And as it’s only $50 (or $25) for students… you hardly have any excuses :)

Here’s the info (.pdf)… you could even double up and get me for a workshop after too.

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  1. It won’t be a ‘Keynote’ until you tell ’em –

    “The only subject I failed at school,
    was Computer Studies
    (I got a D) – oh it hurts so”

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