The Knowledge Tree 2007

Phew, well after quite a bit of work (I can tell you) the 2007 edition of The Knowledge Tree is now live!

To give us a fresh new look for 2007, while preserving the 2006 look we had to completely shift the site around (note to self: dynamic URLs ALWAYS in future) and revising quite a bit of design.

So far we’ve included translations, mybloglogs, popularity rankings, social tools and a whole heap of stuff in the back end too.

Once I figure out how to blinkin’ well do tags & clouds from pages (UTW worked, then didn’t , now doesn’t) it’ll also have one of them – and we’re going to be continuously improving the site as we go along this year too.

But perhaps more importantl, Edition 13 (the first of 2007) is a belter with great articles from danah boyd, Geetha Narayanan and even a lively chart about the future of PLEs that includes yours truly.

As they say, enjoy.