Learnerblogs upgrade

I know K-12 blogs hosted at learnerblogs.org have been too slow of late – we’ve had a few complaints and I was beginning to be aware of a kinda ‘Edublogs – good for teachers, rubbish for students’ mentality that was bubbling away.

Well, as of now that’s no longer the case, from the Edublogs news blog:

This week we’ve been mostly working on getting our K-12 Edublogs site, hosted at http://learnerblogs.org up and running on the same database structure as our teacher version – which you’re enjoying now!

And so far so good, we know that sites hosted at learnerblogs.org have been unacceptably slow of late- partly do to a huge surge in popularity and partly to us focusing a bit too much on edublogs.org – but from now on that should be a thing of the past.

And just for fun we’ve also introduced another layer of comment spam protection – so now you school students can blog quickly and even more safely too.

Go spread the word!