Alexa vs. Compete (and education)

I don’t know where Compete gets its data from (as opposed to Alexa – which I guess is the Amazon toolbar) but when it comes to them tracking Edublogs, one of them is correct and one of them isn’t.

While our stats show us as doing better than Compete has us doing (in the US), the growth rate is pretty much spot on:

Alexa, however, is completely off the mark:

Maybe it’s got something to do with schools not having many Amazon toolbars or maybe it’s something else… but I can tell you categorically that one of these graphs is correct, and the other one is far from being so.

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  1. It’s great to see Edublogs & Learnerblogs continue to go from strength to strength James. I’d use an emoticon here but I know your trying to quit and I want to be supportive.

    Best, J

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