The Real Story of JPG Magazine

If you want one compelling and informative read on partnership and entrepreneurship, this is it.

Must have been one heck of a tough decision… all I can say is that that’s one media start-up that just lost most of the reasons it was was going to do *very* well.

In spirit as well as in design / tech.

Good luck Derek, looking forward to your next project.

One reply on “The Real Story of JPG Magazine”

  1. As touching (gut-revolting?) as it is, for those of us out here to whom both Derek and Heather are strangers, it’d be good to learn whether Paul ever published his point of view on this topic. I couldn’t find anything on his jpg.mag member page, but the fact that he links Derek and Heather to the six first issues only – sort of erasing them from issues 7 to 10 – already places him in a suspect-type-of-person category.
    My relatedness to this story comes from a similar experience with an employer/thought-of-as friend. That was my turn to learn the old saying: ‘actions speak louder than words’.

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