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  • Homecoming
    "I blog because I learn from blogging. I like the feeling of immersing myself in a topic I am very interested in, thinking through the ideas and then commenting with my perspective."
  • Tuttle SVC » The Cone of Silence
    "Anyhow, what’s striking about this is that every time I meet someone, they seem to have some crazy story about a major player in ed tech or IT who is interested in some kind of open source project, but everything is hush-hush. It is like the open, collaborative miracle of open source software development is being subsumed by the prevailing culture of ed-tech, which is, conferences and keynotes and a clutch of bloggers notwithstanding, pretty damn close-mouthed. I’m baffled."
  • Anecdote – Our take on how to talk about knowledge management
    Am not entirely sure of the value of *making* people enter details to get a whitepaper – isn’t the real value in circulation – but still this one from Anecdote is probably worth it.
  • AdAge – Interactive Marketing and the Media
    This one’s a big ol’ pdf but well worth having a look at for a free & comprehensive overview of what’s up in marketing & the media (via Rubel).
  • Exploiting Citizen Journalists
    Mark Jones should meet up with Derek Powazek at Darren Rowse’s house with Ben Barren providing the music – I’ll bring the beer. Seriously though this is a valuable perspective on the importance of Terms and Conditions in dealing with ‘authentic media’. Not too sure if I’m on the same page as Mark as to the potential for the kind of stuff he’s referring to (see my comment) but heck I wanna talk about it!

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  1. We think you are absolutely right on this James. When we set up out website we were convinced to create capture who was downloading our whitepapers but have found the benefits are minimal and we know many people decide not to download when presented by the request to enter their details. We are working now with out web guy to make our whitepapers freely available in both HTML and pdf format. Thanks for the prod in the right direction. James Robertson also made a similar suggestion.

  2. No worries guys, will update the post when you’ve got it ready so do ping me. You lot are definitely my no. 1 Australian business blog pick so it’s kinda funny with the whitepaper… you should turn it into a series or something! Still a great paper though.

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