edublogs in the press

Seems like the now quite obvious explosion is having some nice repercussions.

In particular I’m having my own little private photoshoot today for a story The Australian is going to be running on and in addition to that Jo McLeay was kind enough to mention learnerblogs (and it’s rather bizarre genesis!) in The Age:

“I was listening to a podcast last year and I heard James Farmer from Deakin University speak about his teacher blog sites,” Ms McLeay says. “He is known worldwide for setting up these educational blogs and someone asked him why he hadn’t set them up for students. Right away he said it was a great idea and set up the ‘learner blogs’ on the spot – I contacted him the next day and got them for our students.”

Heh :)

Particularly encouraging though is Jo’s experience so far with the site:

“So far the experiment has been a resounding success, with nothing but positive feedback from the school, the students and the parents.”

Now if that doesn’t make it worthwhile I don’t know what does!

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  1. Edublogs were mentioned in the TES on-line here in the UK James :-)
    “Classroom displays by teachers around the world are now commonplace on the web. For example, go to the and you will find detailed examples of work displayed by teachers. Some of them have linked their pages to Flickr (, which is a free photo uploading service that allows you to share comments on pictures…….

    Some innovative teachers around the world have even set up safe blogging sites for pupils to make their own accounts – James Farmer’s is an example of a quick, free service. Teachers can even use for professional purposes.”

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