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  1. I agree, James, this is yet another quality edublogger within your stable. Just thought you might like to know – because Brent may not be aware – when I tried to subscribe via the RSS Feeds: Post link and drop it into Bloglines, it subscribed to edublogs (.org!) instead of brentmack.edublogs.org. I got around it by using the URL instead but he might have more subscribers if you fixed that little glitch. And my vote in the edublogs.org v. edublogs is the former – just in case you don’t want a fight with Ewan McIntosh!

  2. Hey James – I’ve had the same prob Graham outlines with about 20 of my students blogs at edublogs – seems to be something to do with the CSS templates they’re using!

  3. I thought everyone used the URL… teach me huh!

    What URL are you trying to subscribe to though, pretty much all of them work for me.

  4. It’s the link under the Feeds label, above the Meta label, as one way to subscribe is to copy link location and paste it into Bloglines. I use it to subscribe to a few blog’s comments feed but in this case it was Brent’s blog that wasn’t cooperating. Does that make sense, James?

  5. Brent is using one of the templates I’ve had trouble with (one of the one’s favoured by my students)- I right click on the feed and copy the URL into Bloglines – there’s other templates too….
    I think it’s the templates – not Bloglines…but then I’m not sure about that either!
    ABB :-)

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