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The Age BannerAs always, these things come in threes, so to complement turning 30 and moving into the new house, I’m also moving jobs… and professional fields too!!!

And I couldn’t be more excited about it if I tried. I’m going to be working as the Online Community Editor at The Age which is not just a fantastic paper but also the one I’ve been reading ever since I touched down in Aus. Add to that the fact that is the largest news and information site in Victoria and is already embracing user-interactivity, blogs and more… and I reckon that this is about the best opportunity going in online communications in Melbourne.

If you’re a user of,, or don’t stress as I’m going to be continuing to run them – all be it at a slightly reduced (read: evening) capacity. I also have hopes of partnering with some people experienced enough in php / Mysql and WP / WPMU to take the site to the next level regardless… so no worries :) If you’re hosted on my server also don’t worry, am not going to be pulling any plugs at all so as long as this is live so will you be (and in my book that’s permanent). What I will be stopping is any new consulting or contracts running through incsub but I’m always happy to recommend other providers.

As for online education, well, it’s a bit of a big step for me as I’ve been involved as either a practitioner, manager or researcher (and provider?) for the last 7 years so to step away from this area feels like a bit of a leap. However, (and this is another wonder of these sorts of communities) it’s not like I’m going to lose contact or engagement with the area or that I’m gonna lose touch with any of the amazing people I’ve talked to and read for the last 3-4 years… so it’s kinda a safe leap, if you know what I mean.

And as for incorporated subversion, well, I reckon it’s just as applicable in media as it is in education, so don’t expect any changes there either… after all, it’s all about communication.

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  1. Congratulations on your “fantastic threesome!” Your new job sounds exciting and you will be great at it! I have just recently started reading articles in the age and have found them extremely interesting. Now it will be even better! You will “bump up” the good reading! Way to go, James!

  2. Congrats James! Moving from educating the educators to educating the media … I wonder which is more of a challenge? ;)

  3. Very well deserved – they’d have been fools to have turned down a man with such drive, passion and knowledge. Really excellent news.


  4. Thanks for the nice comments guys :)

    It’s going to be quite a challenge but one that I’m very much looking forward to.

  5. Congratulations James…i’m sure The Age will be all the better with you joining. Get in there and show them what the new world of conversations and media is all about…and importantly…make sure you enjoy the change :)

  6. You might still be out there – but I’ll miss my co-author, co-workshop presenter, co-conference organiser… :-(
    Missing you already!

  7. Congratulations mate – was nice to see you last night looking so happy about it all – nice move.

    Looking forward to seeing where you take it all.


    the other ‘largest news and information site in Victoria’ ;-)

  8. Great to see The Age making such an intelligent appointment!!
    Hearty congratulations, I’m sure great things will come of this move. (And a very happy 30th too.)

  9. Congrats James! It’s a great achievement and I’m looking forward to seeing how The Age continues to develop its online community with you on board. I’m sure it’ll be a successful move for you!

  10. I have obviously known for some time but cannot help but feel a little jealous and proud about the number of comments you get to your notices. Well done mate. Does the Age have an online version?

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