The 10,000th edublog!

So, sometime just before my very busy weekend the 10,000th edublogs was created! Interestingly enough it’s been called 1984 (nothing untoward there I hope) and I’d be delighted if you could join me in welcoming it to the edublogosphere!


But at what time you ask… well, it was created at 7.20 AM on 19th May 2006… waaay before most guesses (scary acceleration of use going on here) but not to far wrong for Mr O’Mara who guessed the closest at 4.32PM on the 19th and is the winner of a free domain and hosting for a year :)

There were some other pretty close guesses from Forest Park and the WALT project but Mr O’Mara took it by a slender margin:

My guess is part maths and a big part guess work.

Anyhow I guess the point, aside from my greed, is that you will probably we seeing more blogs like this in the future and hopefully that’s a good thing all around.

And Simon you got disqualified for a. posting a guess a good hour and a bit after I’d closed entries, b. being ‘in the know’ & c. already having plenty of free domains and hosting :)

6 replies on “The 10,000th edublog!”

  1. Congratulations James and well done Mr O’Mara.
    BTW although both are produced with, do you have any ideas why isn’t filtered for South Australian state schools but is eg all edublogs links above except. Anything you are doing your end? This could bode well for edublogs in SA, Congrats again, Al

  2. You know I was actually thinking today I should have a look and see who won. I’d didn’t expect it would be me but was curious about how much I was out by.


  4. Hi Michelle, good guess! Unfortunately it needed to be pinged back to the entry post so I could check it (otherwise I’d have spent days checking!) so unfortunately I can’t accept it :( Good work nonetheless tho!

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