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  1. I hope the upgrade isn’t finished, because at this moment I am tremendously disappointed and frustrated. The upgrade has altered the content layout and format of both of my class blogs. It is now confusing and messy. What happened? Why were the templates affected so much? It will take huge effort and time (esp considering how slow this is running) for me to go in and reorganize the content of posts and pages (and what happened to the jpgs?). Some warning that formatting might be affected would have been good. No doubt this will be frustrting for students as well who are trying to use the blogs this weekend.

  2. Hello James,

    Thanks for working to upgrade edublogs. I know I’ll appreciate it even more when you’ve got it done. Can you please let us know when the upgrades are complete? As of now my static pages have completely disappeared.

    Thanks again,


  3. …please let us know how what the upgrade is about: bug fixes, new functionality, better performance?



  4. I had to roll back the upgrade for a number of reasons (check the forums for more details) so apologies for any outages.

    We’ve had a few static page issues – no content has been lost however, for some reason it’s been turned into posts… I’m working on fixing this all week.

    Hopefully next weekend we’ll be able to run it successfully, for the meantime I seriously appreciate your patience and again, sorry for any issues.

  5. When in place the upgrade will provide a smoother running site, much more functionality and a feeling of blog gratification :)

  6. Glad I read this, but man is this slow. I hope it’s running by morning. I have a presentation for the faculty of my school and edublogs.org is the star performer. (So I hope.)

  7. We’re having some intermittent network issues, I’m on it.

  8. I also have a training session for about 20 teachers at my school tomorrow (Thursday)… och well, I’ll cover it I’m sure. I’m really looking forward to seeing what treats you have in store for us when the upgrade is finished! ;0)

    Thanks a million for ALL your hard work. Next time you’re in Scotland I reckon I’m owe you at least a couple of beers!

  9. i know this is not your full time job and i’m sure that you know that all your efforts are very much appreciated but can you please give us more updates on the progress with the upgrade. we need more info…

  10. James:
    You are doing fabulous work with the edublogs. I am sure the updates will be worth the wait. In the meantime, are there any alternative ways to get students logged on? I have about half of my students in and the other half are stuck. Is there anyway to set them up without going through the edublogs.org site as it is not working?

  11. Hi- I am just trying to get this organized so I can get my students onto the edublog site but I am confused about how to register them and also about how to add a post that I filled out but it has not appeared on my site !
    thnaks for your elp- this is my first experience with blog sites and setting them up!

  12. Ps- how do I actually go to the blog site- and which URL do my studnts go to to get onto it?

  13. My edublogs site (tinkljes) has COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED, at about 2 o’clock this afternoon. When I try to login, I get an error message from Word Press. Is this related to the upgrade?


    Please help!!!!!

  14. The “cannot connect to database” message is what people got all day today, when they tried to get onto my edublogs site. Please tell me that this is not a major disaster. When do you estimate this will be fixed? I hope soon. I just handed out 16 business cards this morning to evangelize my blog site. Also my teachers are trying to get on to access the schedule for tomorrow. Is it possible to have a page for visitors to know that there is a temporary problem with the server, perhaps a time that they should try again, and that they did not type in the wrong domain name…or some other such mistake?

    To echo the above cry…Please, please help!!!!!!!!

  15. Guy, where are you? People are freaking out. I’ve been getting emails asking what happened. You should feel really valuable right now! Hope all is not lost and will look back later to see if you’ve figured it out. Love that you do this work, we’re all dependent on you and for no cash–remember everyone before you lose it–this is a free site.

  16. I am trying to incorporate technology into my curriculum. I have created a learnerblog for each of my 130 English 10 students and linked them to my edublog. Students spent the week Sept. 18-21 adding content to their blogs. Everyone was excited. Now, no one can get on to either edublogs or learnerblogs. They have homework assignments to post and are becoming extremely frustrated as am I. I took the plunge with technology this year. I’ve tried to sell it to my collegues as well. Will edublogs be back up? If so when? Can we expect intermittant disruptions of service to be the status quo? Curriculum time is limited, so please let me know if I should abandon the blogging idea until next year. I am so disappointed. My e-mail address is athenamilis@gmail.com. If anyone has advice I need it before I start on my lesson plans for next week.


  17. Hmmm… am working on it now… very odd that it should go down and stay down like this, apologies for the interruption.

  18. Thank the gods wherever they reside, that you heard our cries. I hope you can fix this by Monday. I hope its not major. I have reconfigured a great deal of our activities at our afterschool program to be centered around our blog.
    Again, I’m very, very grateful and appreciative of all you are doing for us. Blessings to you.

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