‘edublogs.org’ or ‘edublogs’?

When I started out with edublogs.org I figured that the best thing to call it was exactly that, edublogs.org – basically because it’s a pretty easily memorable url and it seemed a bit presumptuous to call it ‘edublogs’ seeing as there are plenty of edublogs out there (and blogs called edublogs!) and I didn’t want it to appear like I was trying to take any ownership of the more general space – because I wasn’t and I’m not.

However, as the site continues to grow at an alarmingly rapid pace (over 8,000 blogs now there!!!) I’m wondering whether ‘edublogs.org’ sounds a bit clunky (especially in considering a logo design) and if just calling it ‘edublogs’ might make things a lot more straightforward in terms of talking about it and branding it.

So whaddya reckon? Is it worth changing? Is it too presumptuous to call it ‘edublogs’?

3 replies on “‘edublogs.org’ or ‘edublogs’?”

  1. Yeh, that’s probably worth considering too! Wonder how much the owner of that would provide it for…

  2. I’m a newbie over here, James. I agree with Stephen because I’m practical, however I like the shorter version for the same reasons you suggest.

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