Which multiple account IM client?

The blindingly obvious occurred to me today when I figured out that I should use one of these multi-IM devices rather than running Yahoo, MSN, ICQ etc. etc. all at the same time.

I’d really like to just use Skype but as my Uni won’t allow it (something to do with security, well.. the security of the Skype Answering Service, which isn’t a set-Skype thing but nevermind…) I figure I’ll have to run with the others while online here.

So, having a look at Trillian which looks OK, does anyone use it? Are there any other half decent ones?

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  1. What about using Jabber (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jabber)? All your data is on the server – including gateways to other services like Yahoo, MSN, ICQ etc.; you can connect to the server from any device and with any software supporting the open, IETF-aknowledged Jabber-Standard. There’s a pletora of Jabber-Software out there; I’m using Psi (http://psi.affinix.com/) wich is quiet nice.

    (Sorry for my bad english; I’m a german guy, so it’s not my mother tongue.)

  2. I’d second Lambert’s vote for Jabber. I’d add 2 reasons:

    1. it slips past firewalls because it doesn’t use the MSN, YahooIM etc ports that are often blocked by the institution’s firewall.

    2. it’s way cooler than trying to handle all the services on your PC, even in a multi-service client.

    Contact me on Jabber at
    MSN: iangs1
    ICQ: 198294569
    or direct on Jabber: ian@jabber.dk

    I’m also using the Psi client, btw

  3. Thanks guys, much appreciated! I guess it’s only fair I do a comparison now isn’t it… [rubs hands together at opportunity to play with more toys!]

    Cheers, James

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