So much stuff…

I love the blogosphere, blows me away, so many wonderful things going on you hardly have time to blink… here are just a few of them:

Amy says “Contrary to popular opinion, the internet is not really about technology. It’s about people, specifically how people communicate.” She goes on to list, wonderfully, the consequent vermin: porcupines, trolls, zealots, skewers, leeches and burns. Fantastic stuff, a must read if you’re into online community!

Via Steven, comes a cracking new Educause article “Social Software and the Future of Conferences – Right Now“… fellow blogtalkers are you reading, this is one for the printer queue (or pool room?)

Via Alan, check out the 404 Research lab… need to do something about mine so this is a good place to start :D

Rebecca and Sharon are thinking about the communicational dynamics and ethical implications of blogs… wish I had more time today to get into that. But as I’ve left my laptop at home (gasp!) am on a random desktop… trying out, in a way my ‘will I survive if my laptop goes kerplunk’ plan …I have to do stuff like check my own spelling… which takes time!

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