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  1. Show them how much they would save! This is an unbeatable argument;-)
    I heard a large firm of business consultants are envisaging cutting down on costs by adopting Skype messaging among their staff. If they are working on their laptops, why should they use mobiles to reach each other?

  2. To quote the email I sent:

    “I’ve been using Skype http://skype.com at home for quite a while now and have developed a pretty large group of professional contacts.

    Of particular importance are a number of people in the US / Brazil / Japan that I’m guest speaking for at a couple of online conferences together with my co-organisers of the (DEST eligible) conference Blogtalk Downunder: http://incsub.org/blogtalk/

    Unfortunately Skype doesn’t seem to work through the xxxxxxxxx system, even through SOCKS, and this is hampering a lot of my work. I’m guessing that this is a firewall issue.

    I understand that xxxxxxxx don’t support this technology and that there are possible security implications. Perhaps this could be arranged as a kind of individual research project where I report on the application and use of the software and this might inform future use / policy within xxxxxxxx?

    If this were the case I imagine it’d also save xxxxxxxxxxx a lot on international and mobile calls”

    We shall see where it gets me :o)

    Cheers, James

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