Everyone shouldn’t have a blog, but everybody should have a blog

Steven comments that he’s reversed his feeling that everyone should have a blog (and pleeeeeeease get that page layout fixed!) and I agree… as we are using them (publication, conversation) they certainly shouldn’t. But, nonetheless, everyone should have a blog.

The problem is conceiving of blogs as we do as these public utterances to audiences of varying sizes. The same problem that whacked the ‘everyone should have a homepage brigade’ in 1997… we just didn’t need (or want) our own static CV.

But, as I danced around (thanks Tom :o) the other day on blogsavvy, the future of blogs is not as we see them now. Everyone may not want a blog, but blogs are becoming digital identities, digital homes and digital repositories.

Everyone does need a blog… we need to get over what we think blogs are and will become.