Well it’s about time! Subscribe to a WordPress blog through email plugin

Long time readers may or may not have noticed that every now and then I get seriously in a fix about email subscription services… moaning about the fact that bloglet seems to be manager-less, notifylist is a pain and I can’t seem to figure out a way to get an easy email subscription service going.

Well, that enormous whinge is now over. 167 feeds and it didn’t filter through to me in February but it has now for I have found the Subscribe2 plugin.

It does pretty much everything you could ask from this plugin including allowing you to mass subscribe your buddies to your blog by email :D, managing subscribers at will, editing all outgoing messages and a fair bit more besides. Wonderful stuff.

The one thing it could do with would be the facility to send out only 1 email a day (a la OLDaily) but there’s also something rather cute about an email getting sent as soon as you post something… well, there is for relatively low frequency bloggers (i.e. me).

Roll on over to blogsavvy to check it out in action. Incorporated version coming soon, but then you’re all reading this through RSS aren’t you so you don’t care anyway ;D

4 replies on “Well it’s about time! Subscribe to a WordPress blog through email plugin”

  1. I don’t know your *nix skills, but rss2email might fill the void. It combines all new items in one email, and you can set up a cron job to run it n times/day.

    You’d have to build a form to get the addys in the config file, though :(.

  2. Let me summarise my ‘nix skills in one short sentence.

    “I only found out how to run a cron job yesterday”


    Thanks for the pointer tho!

  3. Yeh but third party, tends to break quite a lot and the rumour has it that the developer is no longer with us… in a literal sense…

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