Innovate’s annoying email login

I’ve always really enjoyed the accessible, open and innovative publishing of, um, well, Innovate (and The Technology Source) but this dumb login-for-article system they’ve got in place is not only annoying… but also very bad for business.

Put simply, research and writing without avenues for publication, discussion and, in essence, an audience is sadly pretty much useless… it has no impact.

Innovate doesn’t seem to have any commercial model, runs no ads and asks for no fees. So WHY ON EARTH do they restrict access to full -text articles to users with email addys? It:

-Deters probably half your potential readership
-Removes most of your search engine value
-Detracts enormously from your blogger buzz (and this is *very* important, and becoming moreso)
-Ties you unpleasantly to email

So what’s up Innovate??? Why do you force me here? I’d understand (a bit) if you had an ad market to be served through login… but you don’t.

So, please scrap the login, pretty please!