Estimated number of live Blogliners

Here’s something really rough data-wise so you can roughly estimate the number of live Blogliners… the old incorporated subversion site ceased to be published to in October 2004 at which point it had 128 Bloglines subscribers, since then I’ve been posting ‘no longer at this RSS feed / address’ messages monthly until my Radio subscription runs out (next month I think) . Now the site still has 79 subscribers… I’m guessing that a fair % of those are people who haven’t bothered to unsubscribe to the old feed so, perhaps somewhere in the region of 20 – 40% of bloglines subscriptees in this case are no longer operating. Just a rough guess.

2 replies on “Estimated number of live Blogliners”

  1. Doesn’t mean they’re inactive. I still subscribe to the old feed. It never gets bold, I never notice it. Maybe one day when I clean my list I will unsubscribe, but there’s no reason to.

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