Quiz Modules in Drupal

There’s an outstanding discussion going on in the Drupal forums regarding the development of a Quiz module for Drupal.

Contributing are some real pioneers in the Drupal and education area and if I had enough time / mental energy I’d be in there too… maybe this will transpire, we shall see…

What’s particularly fascinating is the tension between recreating, say, a WebCT quiz tool and developing one based around alternative principles.

Quizzes are interesting things too, I reckon they come before pretty much everything in making a CMS sale (and you can use equations, and add audio etc. etc.) and yet in actual practice always end up very very very low down the list of use (unless they are used extensively within very particular information for learners to self-assess understanding in very small chunks… but that’s such a complex production task that it rarely happens without much time & expertise invested).

I’d encourage people with thoughts in this area to go along and help out the Drupal guys, it’s potentially a edu-development key moment for them and with the input of more experts than any previous edu tool development chiming in something very special could come out the other end!

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  1. Yes, thank you for the support. I’d also encourage anyone who may eventually be interested in using this to drop by http://www.webs4.com and look over the details of what we have planned. I’m also starting a general forum there where I invite people in the field to mention what kind of tools they would have if dreams came true.

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