After having a chat with Steve Brooks of edugadget the other day I thought it might be rather a good idea to set up a hub for edublogs.

So. me being me and not one to hang around too long I ran off and bought (just a Drupal site sitting there at the mo, nothing more) and did some scribbling about what I would like it to be like.

Well, first up it’ll be a great home for the edublog awards 2.0 in November but more importantly I think we, as a community, need something that’s as good as Sarah’s 2002 edublogs list at alterego.

I know there have been various attempts at networks and sites along this line, though, such as PhDWeblogs and the Educational Bloggers Network but what I want is a kinda portal site which can guide people to good edublogs and also do the Will thing of featuring new and ‘non top 20’ blogs prominently.

So, the idea I had in mind goes a bit like this.

-4 key areas: elearning / K12 / Higher ed / TESOL

-Each area has on the front page a ‘top 5’ (I’ll get onto this) and a featured site (which can’t be in the top 20 or something like that) they have title (and tag line) and image.

-Each area page features a complete list of blogs based upon votes (this is how we get the top 5 ‘+’ and ‘-‘ votes for each blog… or maybe 1-10?) with a full description.

-People enter blogs / info through a simple form and buttons along the lines of ‘support this blog at’ are set out.

Am looking at the CMSs on offer though (especially Drupal) and it feels like this kind of system almost falls in the ‘too hard’ basket :(

So do you think this would be worthwhile? Do you reckon the format described above would moreorless do the job (and actually ‘work)? And most importantly, any idea which app / what scripts might be able to work this for me?

Naturally it’d have a ‘brought to you by IncSub’ thing attached :o) If anyone’s interested in collaborating on this one then it could have a ‘supported by [Insert your blog or company here]’ big ol’ sticker at the top too!