What a year!

Wow. Well there have been ups and downs this year but I’m too exhausted to go into them now… maybe that’s a January thing. However, yet again it’s been a delight to be part of this space… to talk / argue / meet / read and generally enjoy spending virtual (and real) time with all […]

Small enough to wipe tha’ spam

I’m not sure why people bother really, I mean, you can go and set up a spam blog at edublogs.org but you’ll also have to supply a valid email address, go in, post to it and then get over the fact that when there’s only 20 or so being created every night I’ll just delete […]

There’s a first time for everything…

OK, well, a second as I won a couple of books when I left my crappy school aged 18 ;) But more importantly, a decade or so later edublogs.org has won Most innovative edublogging project, service or programme at the edublog awards and even better that that, edublogs.org powered Joyce Valenza’s NeverEnding Search won Best […]

Gingerbread Houses

Well, everyone’s gotta have something they throw into the ol’ Christmas bowl and, for reasons beyond my control, my contribution seems to have become gingerbread housing. In terms of recipes last year I used this one, which was pretty useful (good icing) but not so great on the Gingerbread – unless you happen to be […]

subverted links

Blogsavvy: Structured Blogging – Wizard or Magic?My take on Structured blogging… a large ‘hmmmmmm’ but I could be wrong? Might test out some of this in edublogs.org

subverted links

In Photos » Blog Archive » Matt and DonnchaThis’ll be a good historical photo, subtitled something like "before they took over the world" :) The FordLog » Shoot first ask questions laterPeter Ford on the value of Flaming, I’m with him on this one!

What’s in a name…

Gah, am getting totally stuck trying to think of a name (and grab a URL) for this internet literacy / freedom / learning to swim / responsibility / trust in schools & education thing. I know what I want to do with it, collaboratively create a simple manifesto about how the net can and should […]

subverted links

FunnyC’mon Will, time to change, get yourself an edublog and we can leave comments like ‘funny’ without having to sign in ;)

Education & Blogs @ Les Blogs

How many blogs are about run by teachers and professors? The answer is a disaster I’ve been hanging in on Ewan McIntosh’s “edublogs” (his blog, no relation to the .org) over the last couple of months and he’s been at Les Blogs, especially as part of a panel on Les Blogs where you can watch […]