Blogtalk Sponsorship

Thought I’d repost the Blogtalk ‘call for sponsorship’ post here in it’s entirety. We’re an attractive proposition and a worthy non-profit cause so please pass this on to your marketing / business development folk, it’ll be good blog karma if you do!

“OK, now we’ve got a great venue, great invited speakers and great abstracts… it’s time to ask for interests in sponsorship.

Consider this:

-We’ll be releasing all of the papers progressively up to the conference beginning through this site (huge link / blogging potential)

-We’ll be getting serious press from all the major Australian newspapers and several well respected international online publishers

-This site will remain online for the foreseeable future (we’ll probably use a new domain for the next one so that’s potentially for ever)

-We’ll be attended by major players in business and academia from Australia and beyond

-We’re hopefully going to announce shortly some amazing presenters / panellists that’ll create a heck of a buzz

We’re interested in all kinds of sponsorship from ‘limited’ ads on the site to sponsored posts to co-sponsoring the laptop satchels for attendees and the conference dinner. We can look into media/press arrangements too. We’ve priced the conference pretty much as low as we can so every little helps, if you’re in a University think of it as supporting research and innovation (it’s also entirely non-profit!)

All inquiries to me please, james [at] incsub [dot] org

[Might take me until Tuesday 7th to get back to you]”