Yay – Good news!

Final post for the week… I’ve just got my Australian Citizenship through! Yay :D After almost 5 years to the day from landing in Melbourne and it’s been a heck of a journey!!! In honour of the occasion here’s the unofficial Australian national anthem (sung as no-one knows the words to the official one)

From the Age:

“On April 19, 1984, after at least a hundred years of unproductive debate, the Governor General, Sir Ninian Stephen, declared Advance Australia Fair to be the Australian national anthem.

The song was first performed on St Andrew’s Day in 1878. It was written by a Scot, Peter Dodds McCormick, who wrote under the name “Amicus”.

The (misheard) lyrics of Advance Australia Fair are:

Australians all own ostriches
Four minus one is three.
With olden royals, we’re fair and loyal,
Our home is dirt by sea.
I learned to bounce on nature strips
In booties stitched with care.
In mystery’s haze, let’s harvest maize
And plant azaleas there.
Enjoy full trains and let us in
And dance Australia yeah!

[real lyrics here and .mp3 (apologies for the source)]

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  1. Look, he’s still alright OK. Even tho’ he’s form Burmingum, and even supports City. Believe me there has to be one person who’s not a “complete dork” from Brum, and he’s it…OK? Trust me.

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